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Modern society presents us with new career opportunities and dramatically changes our ideas about how we should work, which allows us to develop ourselves further and gives us the ideal balance between ambitions and improved living standards.

Nowadays, people constantly want to challenge themselves in areas still unknown to them, as well as to hone their skills and enhance their knowledge in professional areas in which they are already active.

Why We ?

Waggners Talent is a fast-developing recruitment firm based in Europe and managed by long experienced, competent and qualified professionals. Our slogan and our main goal is to help you to «be the master of your stream»!
We will help you find the right direction in this myriad of opportunities and to overcome every possible difficulty!

With Waggners Talent, we want to deliver outstanding results in connecting the best talents with their potential employers directly without intermediaries, ensuring that the process is excellently carried out from the start to the finish. We believe that the effective and strong links and relationship created in the working environment will lead to the increase of potential and success.

We are active in a broad scope of markets, industries and companies across the globe with focus on the Financial and Real Estate spheres. However, we are always ready to cooperate and work in all other fields, in order to give you the assistance you need!

For Employers

Are you searching for the optimization of your business or do you want to solve an urgent problem coming from your professional activities? Yes, our international talent network combined with our expert recruitment team can help you fully satisfy your needs and source different positions on a temporary or permanent basis.

How does it work? Register and place your job application or a task which is needed to be done. After the review and approval, we will notify our candidates about the task in the relevant sphere, who will be able to offer you their services and prices. After that, you will be able to choose a suitable performer according to the most favorable terms and commence direct cooperation.

Waggners Talent guarantees you a high degree of professionalism and a high-quality completion of tasks by verified partners directly without intermediaries. The understanding and the efficient covering of all your possible demands is our main strategy!

For Candidates

Waggners Talent was created to support the individual way of thinking and to provide every professional with effective instruments, which will help them to try out and improve their unique skills, and to build up the partnership and strengthen the network with other candidates, clients and recruiters.

How does it work? The starting point is your registration as a candidate. It’s free and will give you the access to the detailed profile, which will provide your potential clients and recruiters with your portfolio containing the examples of your successfully completed projects and obtained education, skills and working experience. Don’t forget to add the contact details to your profile to start working with your clients as soon as possible! After your profile is verified and complete, you can start posting your suggestions for tasks and find new customers.
Moreover, our service was created for increasing the convenience of carrying out your professional activities, and, therefore one of the main features of our website is the ability to connect your profile on Waggners Talent with your profiles on the other main talent marketplaces. Finally, in order to unlock your full potential, we can provide you with special offers and exclusivities. So, don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any additional information or exclusive opportunities giving you more chances to further your career!

Why will it be profitable for you to work with us? You will be able to access many clients, whom you can directly offer your services to and receive profitable orders.

We guarantee all our candidates the protection of their personal information and the validity of all posted tasks and job applications! Waggners Talent is an equal opportunity action recruiter and will consider all qualified candidates without regard to race, ethnicity, color, religion, creed, gender, pregnancy, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, genetic information, military and veteran status, marital status, medical condition, disability, or any other basis protected by local, state, or federal law. We also prohibit discrimination under all applicable laws.

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Your Benefits

The need for strong commitments as increased drastically the past five years, so we engage for the highest standards
  • Full transparency of selection strategy
  • Individual care of your process
  • You pay for what you got, no more, no less
  • You rely on the advises of sectorial specialists
  • You deal with a Real Transnational, multi-cultural team
  • We Protect your privacy & fight against inequities
  • We guarantee offers filtered with sharp criterias
  • Candidates are reviewed by humans, not IAs

Our Top Employers

Financial Services

Specialists of Capital Investments, Risk and Funds come to Waggners to pick their best profiles

Real Estate Brokers

Valuation specialists and property management services use our dedicated talent finders to recruit experts


Sometimes you know you need someone, but not exactly what or who ? Our Talent analysts study your workflows and offer effective answers

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